1. How does the FraxiProtecTM work ?

    The Lindgren trap has a pouch containing a fungus called Beauveria bassiana. When ash borers enter the trap, they come into contact with the fungus, which enters their abdominal cavity and kills them approximately seven days later.
  2. Where does the fungus come from ?

    Beauveria bassiana occurs naturally in the soil. It has also been found on another species of beetle in the Eastern Townships. Based on a number of laboratory tests, it has been shown to be effective in controlling emerald ash borer.
  3. Does the fungus pose a threat to non-target organisms ?

    No. If FraxiProtecTM is used according to label directions, the fungus has limited impact on non-target organisms and specifically targets the emerald ash borer. The fungus degrades rapidly at temperatures above 34°C and under UV rays (hence the installation of the pouch in an enclosed contamination chamber), which means that it does not persist in the environment.
  4. Is the fungus dangerous for pets ?

    No. Beauveria bassiana is not harmful to pets. If an animal (dog, bird, etc.) inadvertently ingests the fungus, it would not be inconvenienced since its body temperature would be higher than what is required for the development of the fungus. The animal would then eliminate it naturally.
  5. Is it dangerous to pick up a pouch that has fallen to the ground ?

    No. Beauveria bassiana only affects insects. If you see a trap or a piece of the trap on the ground, please do not retrieve it. Call the arborist who did the installation, otherwise, call us at the following toll-free number: 1 888 567-8567.
  6. Could the fungus be used to control other pests ?

    Yes. Beauveria bassiana–based products are used to control invasive species in greenhouses for agricultural and horticultural production. However, FraxiProtecTM and the trap (Lindgren trap and contamination chamber) combined, are used specifically to control emerald ash borer populations.
  7. Where can I get a trap ?

    FraxiProtecTM is sold exclusively by GDG Environnement and its partners. Contact your arborist to find out if they offer FraxiProtec™, otherwise visit our website (www.fraxiprotec.com) to find a supplier near you.
  8. Should the fungus treatment be used every year ?

    Yes. The effectiveness of insect control treatments may vary, so they should be repeated annually. This will help control the emerald ash borer population and provide the best possible protection for ash trees.

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